The Village
Incorporating The Fusion Room.

Having been established in the winter of 2011 'The Village' sessions have evolved to become a valued meeting place for music lovers and dancers from across London and further afield.

Inspired by a vibrant mix of Broken Beats, Soulful House, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Afrobeat Boogie and beyond...

The night continually attracts some of the best dancers and diverse clubbers in the UK and Europe, bringing together people from across
generations and cultures.

One of the finest examples of a friendly, inspiring and creative vibe that London has to offer.

Current Venues
Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
Previous Venues
Fluid Bar
East Village
Trapeze Basement Club
Ace Hotel Basement Club
Queen of Hoxton

Next event
August 11th 2019
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Sample footage from our residency at
Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London.
More clips can be found here


Genuine feedback from our facebook group...

"Truly awesome doesn't really do this event justice. The Village was immense. A truly superb vibe music was off the hook. There is always a friendly crowd of people. If you have not been before I suggest you go. You won't be disappointed. Give yourself a big pat on the back Phil, Garth, Minnie and all those involved in making it happen"

"When you enter in to The Village you don't actually want to ever leave - the session was mighty fine AGAIN! Thank you Phil Levene and BoogieBwoy Garth Thomas"

"Fantastic Village session today. Thank you Phil, Garth for great mix of fantastic tunes in the fusion room. Adrian, Minnie and Stafford in the bar playing some nice tunage also plus the dancers young and old sharing the floor and making it the great session it is. Thanks also go out to Lizzie for keeping us all updated. Can't wait for the next installment! !"

"Was the best night, i hit it hard from start to finish. Loved every second... a wonderful collection of open minded people, simply the best night in 
London for me x"

“Loved it as per usual you and Garth played the high standard of music that we have been accustomed too. Cracking vibe, people and music”

“Wicked session”

“So very special”

“Great session Phil!, nice venue and vibe plus fantastic tunes as always”

"Another great night at the Village. Hats off to Phil Levene, Garth Thomas and Minnie Dipple who played top class music straight out of the top draw but then I would expect nothing less, great vibe, great people and great music what more do you need" 

"Wicked set's by you all, music to make you move. In my element with those phat beats. Can't wait to do it again"

"Excellent night Phil Levene and Garth Thomas, loved it, as always!"

"I don't know much but I do know that there's nothing better than my good friends laying it down tune after tune. Thank you X"

"Been a pleasure to have shared that incredible 
energy and family atmosphere you Djs were on point" 

"Until you've been there you will never understand what a wicked vibe this is. This is our church. So all you that keep saying next month don't say it again life is too short. BE THERE!"

“I was rocking to the beats and vibe...”

"After Shiftless I thought I would pay a visit to the Village. This gig never disappoints. Phil and Garth always play solid sets the music was just superb. The atmosphere was brilliant can't thank you enough for bringing it back"

"Wow the Village was off the hook Phil Levene dropped some superb music as always. Minnie Dipple smashed it. A truly quality session. Roll on the next one" 

"Great Village session yet again, sublime sets by both Phil and Minnie and great vibe as always. 

You were missed Garth, hope your well soon bud"

"Fantastic village session tonight. Thanks Phil Levene and Garth Thomas for some amazing music. Great vibe and a pleasure to attend. Looking forward to next month!"

"Yet another excellent night last night at the village. 
Wow!!! I was flying"

"That was awesome once again Phil and Garth abolsolutely smashed it at the Village. It was great to see so many people just going for it on the dance floor. Always good to catch up with friends and make new ones of course. If you like good music then get yourself down there you won't be disappointed roll on the next one" 

"The best gig in town well done"

"That was awesome Phil Levene and Garth Thomas absolutely smashed it pretty much from the minute that I set foot on the dance floor.... Great music, vibe and people hats off to you both" 

"Serious business at the Village, already worn out..."

"It's rare to find a gig that reaches out these days. A gig that has balls. The Village is one of those gigs!! Musically superb, and great to see a packed Fusion Room."

"2016 has started with a bang the Village with Phil Levene and Garth Thomas was just superb. 
These guys surpass themselves every time and serve up a wonderful blend of music. What more can I say about this gig that I have not already said. If you get the chance to get down there then go you won't be disappointed Hats off to all 
involved in making it happen fantastic vibe, people and music"

"Every fibre of my muscular matter still buzzing!"

"It was all about The Village at Hoxton Square tonight. Phil Levene and Garth Thomas were outstanding. I almost left my heart on the danceflloor trying to keep up with the youths. I would not have been sorry. Brilliant"

Photos Copyright: Irven Lewis / Ade at sqwzl

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